Ebberon Freedom's Price

The Repair Station

You struggle to fight the Zombies, and dodge the ice raining down from the Karnnathi artillerists’s attack while trying to gather any usable gear from the wreckage of the train. Minute by minute, the ice thrown by the undead giants cut off your escape up and down the mountain forcing you to find shelter in a small stone building.

As you approach this is a small wood shingled and stone walled building, you notice a placard on the door indicating “THIS IS PROPERTY OF HOUSE CANNITH. TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.”

After entry, you come into a min room. This room has an unlit fireplace, a table and chairs to seat six. A calendar hangs on the wall. A large bearskin rungs rests on the floor in front of fireplace that does not appear to be used in a long while. Two doors lead into other rooms.

Searching the room you find a trap door under the bearskin that appears to lead to relative safety below, but decide to explore the rest of the building before fleeing. One door leads to Inside the room, are three sets of bunk beds, each with a set of blanks and straw mattress rolled up at the end of the beds farthest from the door. A small iron cook stove sets under a set of small wooden cupboards. Hanging from the center of the room is an unlit lantern. The cupboards are stocked with basic serving ware for six, and various bags and tins of non-perishable food stuffs.

The other room clearly was used as a storage room. Along the wall to the left are numerous tools for repairing mechanical devices.

After searching the rooms of anything that would help your survival, you return to the trap door.
You peer down a 5 foot wide shaft that descends (20’) in the absolute darkness below as stale air waffs upward. Metallic rungs of are set into the far side and appears to serve as rungs of a ladder. Twenty feet below is a stone floor in a natural 15 foot wide tunnel (running deeper into the mountain).

You finishing dropping the boxes and loose gear you have salvaged from the lightning rail wreck and from the rooms of the repair station around you as the building shakes indicating that the giants missiles have started their assualt in this struck. You dive down the hole and the building arounds you erupts into a vortex of ice, stone, and debris.

Oh my life is such a (lightning) train wreck

Four the last four hours the Lightning Rail hums ever upward into the massive Star Peaks following a line that rises above a canyon that has been cut as the Aundair River rapidly drains into the Scion Sound. Each mile of narrow track brings to you ever higher up along the face of the sheer cliff up to your right, and increases the sheer drop to the river below to your left where the face of another taller mountain loomes about two hundred feet away. As you reach the top of the pass, the bright suns reflects brightly of the snow and ice that has been gathered by early winter storms.

You notice movement on a far opposing slope on the other side of the chasm. Your lightning rail has just three giant sized humanoid forms and you gasp in horror, as you realize they are preparing to throw large boulders at the Lightning Rail.

To Awake Characters
You hear three load thumps and hear metal tearing and you desperately grab onto nearby handholds as your world turns upside down. Those in the births nearby you yell out in horror as they are torn from their sleep and desperately attempt to stop themselves from being thrown across the car. As you glance out the left windows towards which you are being hurled towars, you see glass shatter as the snow covered crowd rise toward you. As you open your eyes, you are aware that something is very wrong. As feel a wave of cool enter the cabin, the car appears to be lying on its side and wreckage is strung across a small field that gives rise to the sheer cliff rising upward. As you recover your feat, you hear three more thumps, though much more subdued than before.

To Sleeping Characters
Your sleep came easy and deep in the sleeping birth designed by House Ghallanda. You are awaken with a sick feeling that at first your think that you are still in your dream in which you are flying, only to realize that your are indeed flying out of your birth sailing to a rushing wall of broken glass and snow, and all goes black. As you open your eyes, you are aware that something is very wrong. As feel a wave of cool enter the cabin, the car appears to be lying on its side and wreckage is strung across a small field that gives rise to the sheer cliff rising upward. As you recover your feat, you hear three more thumps, though much more subdued than before.

Once Outside the Lightning Rail Car you see the wreckage of the Lightning Rail is strewn across a small snow covered plateau along the line with a massive cliff face to one side of the rail, and a precipice falling hundreds to the river below. Passenger cars and cargo cars lay on their sides, their contents of boxes and bodies spread across the area. Your eyes are drawn to movement on a parallel plateau on the cliff face on the slope of the opposing about 250 feet across the chasm where two sets of three undead giants adorned in Karrnathi artilleryman uniforms toss large chunks of stone at both ends of the lightning rail that depending on the accuracy either cause the railway base to fall in the chasm below or cause a cascade of stone and ice to fall from above. Looking about the plateau for cover, you make out the snow covered silohoute of a small building and a cluster of pine trees and shrubs. Again a flurry of activity of movement draws your eyes farther down the rail line, as a dozen human-sized zombies wielding wicked looking scimitars and in Karrnathi infantry uniforms burst from the remains a cargo car and begin to hack at prone bodies and unarmed passengers.

The Beginning

It has been well over a year that your unit surrendered and you were forced into a Karrnathi prisoner of war camp. While you received fair treatment (bland food, a hard bed to sleep, and all day in small compound under the constant watch of the chilling glares of the ensorcelled skeletons that the Karrnathi prison warden employed as guards. With great relief, the war ended before you had to endure another frigid winter. As part of the peace Treaty of Thronehold, Karrnath is involved a grand prisoner exchange. As stipulated by the treaty, you each have been issued a new set of clothing, and wizards gifted with a small spellbook, and priests allowed a wooden copy of their holy symbol. You were then marched twenty miles from your through the fallow fields around the city of Rekkenmark to the Lightning Rail station. The House Orien crew treated you with unfamiliar kindness as they put you in small birthing cars were you would ride on your three day journey to Sharn were you be freed to go wherever you wish. As you settle into your birth surrounded by other freed prisoners from around Eberron, you feel a static charge as the great engine thrusts your conveyance forward. It seems almost to good to be true…freedom has arrived. As you muscles unknot from months of tension you fall asleep gazing out the window at the scenery lightly coated with freshly-fallen snow that lies on the bridge that crosses Scion Sound briefly into Thrane and then into distant Star Peaks that mark the entrance into Aundair.

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