Ebberon Freedom's Price

The Repair Station

You struggle to fight the Zombies, and dodge the ice raining down from the Karnnathi artillerists’s attack while trying to gather any usable gear from the wreckage of the train. Minute by minute, the ice thrown by the undead giants cut off your escape up and down the mountain forcing you to find shelter in a small stone building.

As you approach this is a small wood shingled and stone walled building, you notice a placard on the door indicating “THIS IS PROPERTY OF HOUSE CANNITH. TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.”

After entry, you come into a min room. This room has an unlit fireplace, a table and chairs to seat six. A calendar hangs on the wall. A large bearskin rungs rests on the floor in front of fireplace that does not appear to be used in a long while. Two doors lead into other rooms.

Searching the room you find a trap door under the bearskin that appears to lead to relative safety below, but decide to explore the rest of the building before fleeing. One door leads to Inside the room, are three sets of bunk beds, each with a set of blanks and straw mattress rolled up at the end of the beds farthest from the door. A small iron cook stove sets under a set of small wooden cupboards. Hanging from the center of the room is an unlit lantern. The cupboards are stocked with basic serving ware for six, and various bags and tins of non-perishable food stuffs.

The other room clearly was used as a storage room. Along the wall to the left are numerous tools for repairing mechanical devices.

After searching the rooms of anything that would help your survival, you return to the trap door.
You peer down a 5 foot wide shaft that descends (20’) in the absolute darkness below as stale air waffs upward. Metallic rungs of are set into the far side and appears to serve as rungs of a ladder. Twenty feet below is a stone floor in a natural 15 foot wide tunnel (running deeper into the mountain).

You finishing dropping the boxes and loose gear you have salvaged from the lightning rail wreck and from the rooms of the repair station around you as the building shakes indicating that the giants missiles have started their assualt in this struck. You dive down the hole and the building arounds you erupts into a vortex of ice, stone, and debris.



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