Ebberon Freedom's Price

The Beginning

It has been well over a year that your unit surrendered and you were forced into a Karrnathi prisoner of war camp. While you received fair treatment (bland food, a hard bed to sleep, and all day in small compound under the constant watch of the chilling glares of the ensorcelled skeletons that the Karrnathi prison warden employed as guards. With great relief, the war ended before you had to endure another frigid winter. As part of the peace Treaty of Thronehold, Karrnath is involved a grand prisoner exchange. As stipulated by the treaty, you each have been issued a new set of clothing, and wizards gifted with a small spellbook, and priests allowed a wooden copy of their holy symbol. You were then marched twenty miles from your through the fallow fields around the city of Rekkenmark to the Lightning Rail station. The House Orien crew treated you with unfamiliar kindness as they put you in small birthing cars were you would ride on your three day journey to Sharn were you be freed to go wherever you wish. As you settle into your birth surrounded by other freed prisoners from around Eberron, you feel a static charge as the great engine thrusts your conveyance forward. It seems almost to good to be true…freedom has arrived. As you muscles unknot from months of tension you fall asleep gazing out the window at the scenery lightly coated with freshly-fallen snow that lies on the bridge that crosses Scion Sound briefly into Thrane and then into distant Star Peaks that mark the entrance into Aundair.



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